Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mindfulness in a moment

Incorporating mindfulness into your day can be simple if you keep it simple.  Tell yourself that you have time.  And allow yourself to have it, and then, be in it.  Here's how to add it in:
  • When you're driving and you notice someone waiting to cross the street, pause and let them go by.
  • In the grocery line, allow someone to check out before you.
  • Take your time putting the groceries away when you get home.
  • When your child, or someone else you love, asks you to come and look at something, just drop what you're doing and go.  Show them you have time.  They'll learn to have time too.
  • Driving on a side street, let the person coming toward you go by the parked car before you do.  Just wait for them to pass.  
  • If someone waits for you to pass a parked car, give them a wave of appreciation.
  • Sit down to eat and pause before the first bite. 
  • Pick up a neighbor's trash or recycle bin that's blown across the street on a blustery day.
  • Let someone else take the parking spot. 
  • You have a few extra dishes in the sink that won't fit into the dishwasher.  Wash them by hand. (Or, if you can't, read this.)
It's amazing how much space I feel when my mind isn't busy distracting me with ridiculous thoughts and I take the time to let things unfold on their own.  Time feels like it's really slowed down.  My cells feel like they aren't bouncing around like the inside of a Pick 4 lottery game.  They're all nice and gently moving around, playing nice.

Listen, if you've come up with your own list of how to slow things down, let me know about them.  

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