Saturday, April 27, 2013

Advantages to Mindfulness

Here are some advantages to mindfulness:

You feel calm. When you're present, your activities become easier. Your mind isn't busy thinking of past and future experiences, so the moment you're in full and fearless.

You have clarity. When you're mindful and present, your focus is clear. Conversations flow naturally - even the emotionally intense ones - but they aren't negatively charged because... you're dealing only with the moment at hand. No past baggage, no future projections.

You feel positive. There's little fear in the present moment. When fear (and everything it brings) disappears, positive emotions rise to the surface freely.

You become stronger. Literally. When you move and are mindful, you notice muscles that were taking on more jobs than they could handle, and other muscles that were never engaged. When you're in the present moment, feeling, noticing, training muscles to fire, and others to stop trying to take over.

Mindfulness: good stuff.