Saturday, May 12, 2012

Butt nasty coffee

Sat down this morning with a cup of the nastiest coffee I've probably ever drunk.  And I drank it.  The whole thing.  Sat in silence, drinking tongue-coating nasty stuff. Tasting every sip.  And sitting.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that are nasty.  A lot nastier than a cup of coffee.  But sometimes there is no action you can take and you have to sit in it until things shift.

Enjoying the moment?  Not so much.

I've tried and failed - on many, many occasions - to force my will through situations that are highly energized and chaotic, only to produce more chaos, anger, hate, frustration, tears.  When this happens, I know that I'm never really present in the moment: I let past confrontations color the current situations. I let my ego control the moment by choosing to feeling affronted.  I lose control.

So here I sit.  With my nasty coffee.  Not really enjoying the moment.  But all moments are not for enjoyment.  So we practicing being present in a situation that is not so pleasant.

And sometimes you have to start really, really small and build your way up.


  1. Of course ya drank it...what else are ya supposed to do with a cup o' coffee (even if it tastes like butt)?

    Hope your day improved, though...

  2. You're right...sigh...especially for someone who is so addicted. I must say, on the tiny little platform I provided for myself, I did feel brave slowly sipping it. :)