Thursday, May 17, 2012

Boredom: highly underrated

 When I was an early teen a basic middle school hallway conversation would probably translate to something like this:

"Oh MY GAWD!  I'm so totally bored!"

And my friend's answer (translated into today's tongue): "Same!"

And then I would say (translated, again): "Today is - LEGIT - THE most BORING day."

And my friend would reply: "I know, right?" have those boring days back with the history I have now!  I so long for boredom.  Of course, my definition is different from Websters.  I just mean a lull, a lack of things to do, places to take people to, places I have to be, a quiet time.  A time to just be.

I have to CREATE lulls now.  I have to snatch them in between going one place to another.  I have to make them just before falling asleep.  Or just on waking.

And in twenty years, when my children have families of their own, when the family dog is buried deep in the yard, when a vegetable garden is too much hassle for just two people...will I long for the busier days?  

I don't know.  

More importantly, right now I have a few moments to play cards with my daughter.  So to heck with wishing for the past and wondering about the future.  I'm going to play.

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