Saturday, May 12, 2012

Drama queen

Pupils dilate.
Give your adrenals a rest. They're tired.
Heart rate increases.
Blood sugar (glucose) rises.
Blood pressure skyrockets.
Cholesterol rises.
Brain activity heightens.
Blood readies to clot.
Breath quickens and is shallow.
Digestion is put on hold.
Elimination is put on hold.
Vitamins are purged.
Immune systems weakens.

What the heck is going on?  You're being attacked by a bear, you silly human!  This is what your body does when you're under stress!  It's readying itself!  What are you going to do?  Run?  Stay and fight?  Live?!  Die?!

But more realistically you're probably just under a work deadline.  Or can't pay the bills.  Maybe family coming in for the weekend.  Maybe you're arguing with your son.

Adrenal glands activate when you're under stress and the above list is the product.  Amazing isn't it?  And why are we surprised that our culture wins highest in: heart attacks, obesity, diabetes, ADHD, ADD, cancer, autoimmune disorders, chronic pain, Parkinson's, arthritis.

We're so quick to blame our eating, lack of exercise, genetics on all of our health issues.  It sure does play a part.  But stress is HUGE.

And we're addicted to stress.  A bunch of drama queens, we are.  We get the rush of the adrenals, dopamine and epinephrine is released and pain dissipates.  And we do it again.  And again.  And again.

Know someone who actually CREATES drama in their lives?  You can probably bet they've got an adrenal rush addiction and really don't know how to turn it around - or may not even know they're creating drama in their lives.

Don't those little glands deserve a break?  Overwork a joint and you've got bursitis or arthritis or replacement.  The same thing happens to the adrenals.  They stop working properly when they've been abused.

Take up a practice that helps you relax.  Do it.  Get your health back.

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