Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kill the mind chatter

There are a few ways to kill mind chatter:  The voice that constantly feeds you information about your life, whether it's based in reality or not.

#1. Simply feel your breathing:  As you walk down a hallway, drive to your next appointment, look at the choices in front of you at the grocery store.  If you feel overwhelmed, it's generally due to the stories that your brain creates.  Stop the thoughts by feeling your breath.  When your brain begins stories again, bring your thoughts back to your breath.  These simple moments are yours to relax your mind, get a reality check, and stop the incessant mind chatter.

#2. Feel the palms of your hands.  Bring your attention to them. Try to feel the simple pulse, the air movement around them, or the underlying layer of energy that is always there.  When your mind tries to interrupt, bring your attention back your hands again.  Don't allow the thoughts to take over.  Dwell in the moment.  Your strengthening your mindfullness each moment you continue the practice.  Don't give up.

#3.  Focus your eyes on something (not an electronic thing!).  A cup.  The wooden tabletop.  Grass.  A tree.  Let your eyes watch the graceful curves of the cup while you just breathe in stillness.  Allow your eyes to follow the grain of the tabletop, breathing in and out.  With your eyes, feel the wind shift the blades of grass or watch the gentle bend of the trees.  And breathe.

These exercises bring you to the present moment.  And because your mind is not creating stressful thoughts, you body relaxes as well.

Keep practicing.

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