Monday, May 7, 2012

Cutting off the rage

My friend was in a neighborhood notorious for its crime rate.  You know the area if you live near a city in the US.  It's where local television news crews park to capture drama to help perpetuate the stereotype of the neighborhood and to avoid actual journalistic work.

A work situation had actually brought my friend to the area.  As he was driving back, he  took a look at his map, trying to figure out which way to turn.  Realizing he was in the wrong lane, he swerved quickly over severly cutting off the guy in the next lane.   He almost caused an accident.

And the guy behind him was on his tail.

My friend was nervous, knowing some stories about the neighborhood.

He was even more nervous when he was caught by the light and the guy he cut off pulled up beside him waving his arms.

My friend looked over and rolled his window down to apologize.

But the guy cut him off before my friend could open his mouth.

"Hey!  Hey!" he yelled still waving his arms. "I just want you to know:  no big deal.  I've cut people off by mistake, too.  It's all good.  You have a good day."

My friend was amazed.  He calls it "Reverse Road Rage".

All I know is that it's just one more person practicing being in the moment and feeling empathy.  You aren't alone out there.  Keep up the good work.

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