Thursday, May 3, 2012

Fibromyalgia, chronic myofascial pain and movement

Weeks ago...okay...sigh...months ago...I posted about movement and fibro, myofascial pain and movement. I promised that I would continue with another article about how to move when you are in constant pain.

Every 'body' is different, so when you've met one thousand people in constant pain, you've probably seen 1,000 different pain experiences.  There is no special secret to releasing pain through movement.  Because every person's situation is unique, the exercise "prescription" is patience, shifts and adjustments.  It takes time...time...time.

But here are a few simple tips to think about when starting to fold movement back into your life (and first read:

1. Feel your body as you begin moving.  Whatever your movement choice is: walking, household chores, aerobics, yoga.  Doesn't matter.  Be aware of your body in movement.  How's it feel as you're moving?  Ten minutes afterward?  The next day?  Take notes so that you can shift and adjust your movements for the next time.

2. As a trainer, form is VITAL.  How is your form in the movement you've chosen? Are you using your abdominal muscles to gently support your spine when moving through household chores? Are you bending your arms at the elbow when you walk to lessen the tension on the shoulders and neck?  Are you centered or are you leaning to one side or the other when moving?  Take your time.  Feel your core centered and balanced over your feet as you move.

3.  Imagine this when you're moving: you have this time to move just for yourself.  Nothing is waiting for you.  Nothing is pressing.  It's just you, moving slowly, with intention, observing your body, breathing.  Take your sweet, loving time.

Adding these three tips to your plan for movement will really help you not only fold movement into your life, but keep you aware when shifts to your plan are needed and when your body has had enough.  Just take your time and listen and do what your body tells you.

It knows.  You know.

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