Monday, June 4, 2012

Watch what you say...

And maybe be aware of how you respond to what words people say to you.

New research on the brain indicates that the way we respond to certain words actually rewires our brain.  So if you're bathed in negative interactions (or perceive them that way) especially as a child...well, we see the results of that daily.  But if you bathe yourself in positive words and "compassionate communication" the results are a happier human being.

Your Words Matter

You can learn how to communicate compassionately through the Center for Nonviolent Communication

Center for Nonviolent Communication

You can learn to speak violently negative by attending any local youth soccer game and listening to the parents on the sidelines.

Now, my dear, wonderful, incredibly intelligent, compassionate, loving, balanced, strong, grounded readers, go out there and create a great day for yourselves!

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